Lighthouse Series

Old Point Loma Lighthouse
The tower of the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

Since with all of the COVID-19 restrictions and all of the wildfires here on the west coast, traveling is not really an option. The wildfires have limited the locations to travel to (since a lot of the regions are affected) and the smoke caused from them doesn’t help. The smoke make visibility poor, plus the air quality is at hazardous levels. But the sunsets now have a lot more color.

With this in mind and a large inventory of photos I thought I would go back and look at some of my previous trips and have a bit of a show and tell. I’m a sucker for several different subjects with my photos: animals, sunsets/sunrises, waterfalls, and lighthouses.

Over the next several posts I am going to focus on one lighthouse found here on the west coast of North America.

Breakpoint Lighthouse
Breakpoint Lighthouse outside Victoria Harbor.

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