Ogden Point Breakwater Lighthouse

Victoria Harbour
Victoria Harbour in British Columbia

When entering the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada by boat (or float plane) this is the view you get. However, there is a small lighthouse at the entrance of the harbor (or harbour, as it is spelled in Canada). It is Ogden Point Breakwater Lighthouse.

According to lighthousefriends.com:

“A 1914-1915 appropriation of $1,100,000 provided the initial funding for the construction by the Department of Public Works of the breakwater and two concrete piers at Ogden Point. The rubble mound breakwater has a length of 2,500 feet and is capped with granite blocks and a concrete superstructure. The two concrete piers were originally about 800 feet long and 250 feet wide, with a clearance between them of 300 feet.

Ogden Point was named after Peter Skene Ogden (1793 – 1854), a fur trader and explorer employed by the Hudson Bay Company. Roughly 10,000 granite blocks, weighing together over a million tons, were quarried at Hardy Island and shipped to Victoria for use in the breakwater. Completed in 1916, Ogden Point Breakwater was marked the following year by a square, white pyramidal concrete tower that displayed an occulting white light at a height of forty feet above high water. Messrs. Parfitt Brothers erected the tower at a contract price of $1,655, and an unwatched acetylene beacon originally provided the light.

An electrically operated fog alarm was installed on the breakwater in 1919, and in 1926 a cable was laid to supply the needed electricity from shore.”

Ogden Point Break Lighthouse
Ogden Point Break Lighthouse in Victoria, British Columbia

As you can see there are some people hanging about the beacon. A trail goes around the breakwater to the lighthouse where you have unobstructed views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains (on a clear day).

Breakpoint Lighthouse
Ogden Point Break Lighthouse outside Victoria Harbor.

I have never gone on the trail (I am lazy after all) but have seen it from the Port Angeles ferry many times when I lived in that area (https://www.cohoferry.com/). It is a nice ride when the seas are calm-ish.

For more information on the breakwater and the trail that give access to the lighthouse, the official website is here: https://www.victoriatrails.com/trails/ogden-point-breakwater/

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