Self Isolation Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Take Photos

As most of us are under some order of “shelter-in-place” and travel is limited and parks are closed, there are still plenty of opportunities to find new places to take photographs…our own backyard! Or front yard. Or…whatever you have access to that takes into account social distancing.

My wife has been bugging me for about…oh, three weeks to mow the back yard. So, as I am lazy I kept putting it off. I had a few good excuses, like “Its raining”, “The lawn is wet from the rain we just got”, or “I plan on doing it tomorrow. Well, the weeds got to be about 2 feet high and today was the day. Of course I procrastinated until late afternoon. As I was moving the hose off the grass and weeds I heard a lot of buzzing coming from the orange tree in the backyard. There were a lot of honeybees, a bubble bee, and a butterfly doing their thing. So I procrastinated for another hour and took some photos.

Backyard Mushroom

There were other things growing in the yard, like this mushroom. I took a few shots of it and some other things before I mowed them down.

Sometimes we get so focused on traveling to see cool stuff, but sometimes it may be – quite literally – in our own backyard.

Stay safe and healthy!

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